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Maximise Conversions YouTube

Maximise Conversions YouTube Bidding


The second largest search engine in the world now offers new bidding strategy, Maximise Conversions.


Starting February 2019, Maximize conversions bidding will become globally available to advertisers using TrueView for action. This smart bidding strategy uses Google’s machine learning to help you get as much conversion volume as possible within your campaign’s budget without requiring a lot of work to set it up. Simply put, Maximise conversions is an easy and effective way to generate more of the website actions that are important to your business, like booking a trip, scheduling a test drive or requesting more information.

For advertisers who are new to TrueView for action, or are looking to run burst campaigns, Maximise conversions can be an effective strategy. It’s also a great option for campaigns that don’t meet the recommended threshold of 50 conversions per week for Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding.

If you have an ROI goal for your video campaign, you may prefer to use Target CPA. Like Maximize conversions, Target CPA bidding automatically sets bids for each auction, but the goal will be to drive conversions at the target CPA you set, rather than spending your full budget to maximize conversions.

To get started using Maximize conversions or Target CPA bidding with TrueView for action, get in touch with us today.