Case Studies

PPC Case Study: Reduced CPA by 54%.
Within 5 Months, we had halved the CPA
through existing PPC search campaigns.

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Brief Background

Bullseye Darts Australia
is a Sports Shop located in Yatala near Brisbane Australia. They have one of the largest range of darts and dart supplies across Australia. Wanting to add an online presence to the business and start selling online they launched a digital campaign through AdWords in June 2015.

Content Driven Strategy

Increase overall website present & traffic to promote new & existing products.

Page-Level Optimization

Inherent focus on increasing online conversions with a secondary task of increasing foot traffic to store.
After working with several digital management companies when first launching the online section of the business, Bullseye wasn’t achieving the results they had hoped for from their digital marketing efforts.

After engaging Yes Digital they noticed steady increases throughout the life of the current campaign, reducing the cost per click and cost per acquisition drastically over the space of 7 months.

The quality of the traffic coming to Bullseye’s website has increased significantly with conversion rates from all traffic skyrocketing from 0.74% in June 2017 to 4.91% throughout December.

The Results
Increased traffic from AdWords by 80% without increasing budget. 1158 (April) monthly to 2095 (December) from search campaigns.

Reduced Cost per conversion from AdWords by 54%. $14.47 (April) down to $7.85 (December) through search campaigns.

Increased overall traffic to site from 130 (June) per day to 250 (December) per day Overall conversion rate from 0.74% (June) to 4.91% (December).

What They Had To Say
So impressed with Yes Digital!

They’ve gone above and beyond helping us with our online marketing. The returns we now see from AdWords have been fantastic.

Communication is great, they always keep us updated and provide terrific advice. I wish we’d found them when we first started our online business – it would have saved more than a few headaches.

Thanks heaps!