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About Us,
Yes Digital

We’re a group of online enthusiasts that are willing to work with you and your business to deliver real, tangible results that allow your business to go from strength to strength.


The real magic behind this specialist web agency

Before writing this About Us page, we read all of our competitor’s ‘About Us’ pages and we wanted this page to impress you, so that you’d think Yes Digital is exactly the partner you’ve been looking for to take your business to the Next Level™.
We wanted to outdo everyone else, so we had to know what they were doing, we thought.
There were two problems.

1. Problem one; we didn’t believe them.

Let’s be honest, good things take time. No one is blasting your business to the moon tomorrow if you don’t already have the rocket built and the flight plans cleared with… whoever governs international space. So I’m not here to promise that.

We’re also not going to tell you how dope our team is. We think we’re pretty cool. Of course we think that, we’re us. But you don’t have to hang out with us to work with us. In fact, it’s probably best you don’t. The best working relationships are built on mutual trust in the character and competency of each party and we wouldn’t want to cloud your judgment with our shared charisma.

The other problem. Those other agencies are not us.

‘Apples and oranges’, as the cliché goes. And maybe we could be compared, if you sat down and tried. But I don’t really want to compare us to them. I want to compare us to your ideal business partner. I’ll let them be apples. I’ll focus on being the best damn orange you could ask for.

So, finally, what is there to be said about Yes Digital?

We’re a marketing agency. But you knew that already. (Or you’re very lost…) We like to tell it how it is. We’ll let you know what to expect from your marketing and put the best plan in place for you. And get to work making the dream come true. Get in touch, and together we’ll dream big. But like, skyscraper big, not moonshot big. And then actually make it happen.


The Yes Digital Team

Jade Dyson


Andrew Allen

General Manager

Marielle Andal

Finance Officer

Josh Bird

Account Strategist

Will Maher

Account Strategist

Eve Booker

Account Strategist

Ayana Iwasaki

Graphic Designer

Heath Brown

Website Development

Are You A Digital
Marketing Enthusiast?

We are always looking to hear from people who may be interested in joining the team so please feel free to get in touch.

Cameron Ford

Client Strategist

Callum Nelson

Client Strategist

Ryan Deakin

Client Strategist