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4 Benefits of Google AdWords (And How An Agency Can Help)

4 Benefits of Google AdWords (And How An Agency Can Help)

Businesses all over the world, if they have a website, have realised the power of Google Adwords in driving qualified traffic to it, therefore boosting sales. This is because Google Ads help a business gain the opportunity to appear at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results (SERPs).  Additionally, having a marketing channel that is a direct reflection of the effort you put into it is a great tool to have as part of any marketing plan.

As a digital marketing agency, we constantly get asked what the benefits of using Google Ads over other channels is. To that end, we thought we’d put together this nifty article to explain it, and to outline where an agency like us comes in. 

Google AdWords Benefit #1: Reaching ready-to-buy audiences


With Google Ads, it is possible to serve ads to the audience who are more likely to make a purchase. Almost everyone performs their research on Google; the platform has a potential reach of 90% of all internet users.


If your business specialises in a niche product or service or if your business is restricted to serving customers in a particular geographic area, the only people you need to be getting in front of are the potential customers you can serve. As a result of this huge potential reach, it is important to pay extra attention to their targeting strategies. 

Google AdWords Benefit #2: More immediate results than other channels

While the prospect of investing money on Adwords might seem like a daunting task, the results that come in are almost instantaneous and transparent. The topmost benefit of Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO. Both SEO and Google AdWords are search engine marketing strategies to generate more traffic and leads. While organic sources have more long-term benefits, along with AdWords, there is a better chance of driving more traffic and leads instantly

A well optimised AdWords campaign can work much faster for a business to get the much coveted first spot in search. With Google AdWords, you can focus on multiple keywords, modify the campaigns as you please, and they give you instant visibility at an instant cost.

Google AdWords Benefit #3: Behaviour-based strategising 

AdWords has a way of tracking almost any customer behaviour. This is possibly one of the most psychologically rewarding aspects of digital marketing over traditional marketing methods, because you can see where your money is going. The platform makes it easy to measure almost every parameter, so you can also see what is working and what isn’t.

While data is good, it can be overwhelming to have pages and pages of it. If you don’t spot the right trends, it can cost you a fair amount of budget wastage before you can fix your campaign. Having an expert keep an eye on the trends and subtle changes in your campaigns means that you won’t have to worry about improper spending on your campaigns.

Google AdWords Benefit #4: No unnecessary budget wastage

The platform works by incentivising advertisers to produce high quality ads. Just like a business, if your ads are relevant to Google’s users, you are rewarded with a high quality score which results in cheaper web traffic. It’s a win-win situation for Google, its users and the advertisers. However, what matters most is the ROI you’re driving and how you’re monetising your marketing spend. AdWords aims to target those who already have an interest and, therefore, are more likely to convert into sales.

You can pause and enable your campaigns anytime. Let’s say you need multiple campaigns with many services and promotions being advertised simultaneously, but only need them to run for a certain period of time. No need to panic, automated rules in AdWords are here to give you control. Set up rules that will automatically pause or enable campaigns, ad groups, keywords or Google Ads on any given date or time.

Google AdWords is equipped to tell you exactly what happened with the campaign. You would know: who clicked on your ad,how many leads have been generated, how much traffic you have got from AdWords to your website, which keyword generated the most traffic and leads, and how much does it cost you per lead – so you can modify it as you see fit.

Use An Agency To Help With Google Adwords Management

Now, to talk about where a Google Adwords management agency (that is a Google Premier Partner, no less!) comes into the picture. 

Bonus Benefit #1: Working directly with Google 

As a Google Premier Partner, we are able to provide you with tips and first-hand insider insights that we get early access to. We are also able to have a direct line to Google when there is a problem that needs fixing, or just to make suggestions on ways to benefit your industry’s Adwords campaigns.  

Working directly with Google means we have dedicated Google reps. This means we get in on all kinds of events, industry news and tests that clients aren’t as likely to be offered if they’re handling their account solo. Agencies are an ongoing source of growing revenue potential for Google, and it’s easy for reps to send one email to an agency contact about a beta test and get five accounts enrolled. Clients get a chance to try brand-new methods their competition may not have access to and have a strong grasp on it with solid results by the time it rolls out to the general population.

Bonus Benefit #2: Access to beta testing

Being a Google Premier Partner means that our experts have training opportunities and insight seminars directly from Google. This means that you will get a far better Google Ads campaign because we are obtaining and applying the knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth.

Google has numerous features that they test out before they let the public have access to them. These features are typically the latest updates to the Google Ads system. As a Premier Partner, we are able to beta test new products (such as Gallery Ads) and have early access to using such beneficial tools for our clients, ahead of other businesses that do not have the opportunity to do so.

Bonus Benefit #3: Be proactive, not reactive

When you are running a campaign, issues can come up. Your ad could be attacked by malware, which halts your campaign from running. Any number of issues can come up that negatively impact your campaign, such as a shift in CPC or keyword search volume.

When you invest money into PPC, you want to work with a company that will bring you the best results. You want to get the most out of your money and produce the best campaign. 

Bonus Benefit #4: Focus on what matters 

Whatever the nature of your business, the main aim for any business is to generate more sales. While your Google Adwords are working towards doing just that for you online, you are able to focus on fulfilling your overall business objectives. Our Brisbane-based Google Adwords experts will help you produce the best campaigns for your business objectives. With over 3 years of managing 10 million dollars worth of Google Adwords accounts and campaigns, you know you’re partnering with an agency that knows the ins and outs of Google Ads.

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