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In the increasingly digital world we live in, social media plays a huge part in driving connections. Whether that is between people of the same circle or between businesses and their customers, social media helps build an effective online presence. While it is a great resource to engage current customers, good social media management can also actively drive your sales. Apart from quality content, another driving force on social is Facebook and Instagram Ads. Apart from PPC management, social media one of the best ways to get in front of potential customers, especially through targeted advertising.


Facebook advertising can be your most effective digital marketing channel when done properly. However, if not managed effectively, can end up costing you way more than you plan to spend. Another downfall with incorrect Facebook campaign management is that there is a possibility of your budget being spent much faster than you plan to – especially if they are not targeted appropriately. Just like PPC, Facebook advertising works on an auction-like principle. You can get an incredible return on investment (ROI) on your social media advertising with a very reasonable budget, if everything is set up correctly.

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Isn’t just Google Ads better, rather than investing in Facebook advertising?

Many of our clients who have seen success with Google Ads have had this question too. However, they have seen excellent results when having their PPC agency  also become their Facebook advertising agency. For example, our client is a niche sporting goods provider that struggled to have a successful Facebook campaign before working with us. When we delivered them a successful PPC campaign, they decided to give Facebook marketing and management with us a try as well.

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Expert Facebook advertising specialists can bring so much value to your business!

In the space of 3 months, and for a total spend of ~$1,800 we were able to generate $18,433 in sales, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of $10.32. We were also able to drive scores of new customers to the site through the campaigns, therefore assisting a large volume of conversions as well.

Can I manage my own Facebook advertising rather than choosing to have external Facebook management?

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You absolutely can, but there is so much more to good advertising than just applying boosts to popular posts. From looking at who your audiences are, to finding the right ad data set that works for your business in particular, and making sure that the ad creative is the best quality and most relevant – there’s so much to pay attention to. Our experts are up-to-date on all the algorithm changes from Facebook, and know exactly how to get the most bang for your buck from effective ads. Having a dedicated Facebook and Instagram advertising expert oversee your ads also helps you focus on your business more. Additionally, if you need LinkedIn ads or want to expand the current channels you already are using, we can help with that as well. 

As a Brisbane-based agency with a national reach, you can access our services no matter where you are. So, whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia, and want to take advantage of highly targeted advertising to grow your sales from long-term customers – you can talk it through with us! We offer a complimentary 30 minute strategy session to start, during which our Facebook advertising specialist will look at your current social media strategy and suggest real, actionable changes you can make. If you don’t have one, we are still able to outline what aspects of your target audience demographics and behaviour need to be looked at and why. This way, you get an idea of the capabilities we have to make a real difference to your sales and conversions. 

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Social Ads | $999 Sign Up Fee

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Full Setup By A Social Specialist

Welcome Video & Ad Space Analysis

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Social Ads & Organic Posts + Graphic Design | $1500 Sign Up Fee

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Full Setup By A Social Specialist

Welcome Video & Ad Space Analysis

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Dedicated Account Manager

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30 Minute Monthly Meeting

$2000 /MONTH