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Claim your free strategy session

How SEO benefits your business in 2020?

The bottom line. SEO is about bringing new customers to your business. How? By positioning your website at the top of search results when people are looking for what you do. After all, who checks page two? 

Everything and nothing has changed about SEO in 2020. The goals are the same and so are the results. As long as you’re using up to date strategies you can expect lots of relevant traffic, great leads and business growth! But the strategies have changed. What worked in 2015 is not going to cut it today. Whether you’re considering your first foray into the world of SEO or wanting to take your current strategy to the next level. The best place to start is by booking a strategy session with someone who has personally delivered world-class results to hundreds of businesses.

seo specialist brisbane
seo specialist brisbane

Do you really need SEO?

94% of customers find new businesses though online searches and almost none of them ever see page two. So, if you’re a business with ambition and want to drive growth, you need to be on page one of relevant search results.

The impact of SEO results take time, it is exceptionally difficult to succeed in SEO through trial and error. It is essential to launch your SEO efforts with a sophisticated strategy you know will work. Our strategies skip the trial and error. We use what we have learnt from connecting hundreds of businesses with thousands of new customers.

Why can’t I just buy ads and skip SEO?

Even if your efforts in Google Ads keep your phone ringing and the orders coming in SEO has an essential place in any comprehensive marketing strategy.

We analysed $34.8 million worth of data from businesses we’ve worked with. Businesses who actively pursue success with both Google Ads and SEO more than doubled their online leads

seo specialist brisbane
seo specialist brisbane

Where do I start my SEO strategy?

Having the best strategy means you will triumph over your competition!

Tactically, SEO should be thought of in two parts. Telling Google (and other search engines) what search they should rank you for and then, making Google want to rank you for those searches. However, your strategy needs to start a few steps back from here.

Analyse the competition. SEO is as much about what your competition is doing as it is about what they aren’t doing! We can dig into what they’re doing and reveal the weak spots in their strategy, to find the best opportunities for you!


What is the ROI of SEO?

Let’s talk leads. Analysing 10s of millions of searches our clients have been at the top of. Each search term you rank in the top half of page one for will bring you roughly a third of the traffic through Google for that search term.

Let’s use a typical example. “Dentist Melbourne” is searched 330 thousand times a year. That means this one search term is worth 110,000 site visits. If just a miniscule 0.1% of this traffic turns into a new client, that’s 110 new clients per year. Want more personalised numbers? Let’s chat.

seo specialist brisbane

What Growth Kick-Starting Tools are we Giving You for Free in your Strategy Session?


A customised run down of a proven growth strategy designed to suit your business aimed directly at your goals.


A marketplace analysis to create unique advantages and leverage weaknesses your competition doesn’t know they have.


A road map to activate quick wins and untapped potential, before leveraging this rapid growth to dominate the holy grail searches of your industry.

Ready to Take Things to the Next Level?


We make big, disruptive changes. We want to make some noise in your industry.


Digital Marketing is not about guess work. It’s about well-informed multifaceted strategies that generate a return and show us how to unlock an even greater return.


This stage is about perfecting the last innovation. It’s more predictable and less exciting, but it makes the difference between average and superstar marketing campaigns.


Iteration can only take you so far. Now it’s time to shake things up again with the next big step. We will measure, and iterate, and shake up yet again until you’re selling excess leads to the competition!


and we will also send you our in-depth SEO guide.
You will learn the biggest mistakes that will negatively affect your efforts with Search Engine Optimisation.