Platinum Brand Package

$1,995.00 plus GST

Platinum Brand Package

What's Included:

  • Project introduction & briefing

We'll have a chat and talk about what you want from your brand."Who" you want your brand to be and your target customer.

If you are after one hero logo or a logo suite ( a couple different logos to use across your business & branding in different circumstance)

  • Research & Planning

Our team will go away and research trends in your industry, what your target customers respond well to and start planning what we think is the best direction for your business.

  • Mood Boards

After we have figured out what sort of "feel" we think is best suited after our conversations we will do up some mood boards to present to you.

From there you'll let us know what you like, what you don't like and we will dive into your logo creation.

  • Logo Design

We will design 2 logos to present to you utilising knowledge of your industry, customer and current design trends.

After that we will see what you like/don't like and make any minor tweaks. If you don't want anything changed, amazing!

If you do we have 2 set of refinements to nail the perfect logo for you.

  • Brand Guide

Making sure your brand is consistent  is essential for building your brands recognition amongst your customers and target audience.

To ensure you are representing your brand (and anyone using your logo) how you want it to be represented we will do up a in depth brand guideline.

This will contain your brand colours, when to use the appropriate logos, font use and guides and your brands personality and how to communicate this effectively.