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The 7 Biggest Google Ads (PPC) Mistakes That You Should Avoid To Drastically Increase Your ROI

So, you’ve run your first few Google Ads (previously AdWords) campaigns, only to get results you weren’t entirely happy with? Or you’ve run some very expensive campaigns with not enough return on investment, and you’re thinking of stopping your efforts altogether? You are not alone.

Over 2 years and managing 10 million dollars worth of Google Ads accounts and campaigns, we’ve seen some mistakes made that were costing our clients thousands in revenue. They were allocating monthly budgets to their Google Ads accounts that were just not being spent correctly.

When set up correctly, Google Ads is a truly powerful tool for any business that is looking to exponentially grow their sales. However, what many business owners don’t realise is that the default recommendations from Google are skewed towards generating clicks over sales – proving to be a very costly mistake. No matter your budget, if managed correctly, your Google Ads account could be your strongest asset in converting window shoppers into customers. 

Our research suggests you could be missing the mark in generating the most revenue from your current Google Ads campaigns.

In this FREE in-depth Google Ads (previously AdWords) guide, you’ll learn the biggest mistakes that will negatively affect your efforts with Google Ads PPC. We identified these mistakes running over 10 million dollars of Google Ads accounts and campaigns for our clients, and  we share our findings and fixes freely.

Learning how to use Google Ads effectively by not making these mistakes can help increase your ROI – anywhere from 15% to over 150%. This in turn will drive up your sales and profits by a significant margin (we’ve seen increases of 150% – 250%).

This Google Ads guide comes with no strings attached. Just click the button, fill out a few details, and you’ll have it straight in your inbox in no time.

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