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Expand Your Business Globally: Google Best Practices

The more you expand, the more you (and your team) will need to manage. Use automation to scale your coverage while saving you hours of work.

Use automation to simplify management across markets.

As the keywords and ads in your account(s) multiply, management can become a challenge. There are numerous automated tools available to make your life easier in the face of increased overhead. Those tools will come in very handy when expanding to new markets. Things like automated bidding and ad customizers can save you a lot of time.

Account structure also becomes important when it comes to automation. A consistently organized account takes better advantage of things like automated bidding and customizers. Once you put the framework in place, much of the day-to-day optimizations are taken off your plate.


The shared library can be a great resource that saves you time. Use it to build out negative keyword listscreate extensions and ads, and even more – then share each of those across campaigns.

Leverage automation tools to test and enter new markets.

Testing is key to discovering new markets to enter long term, but there are costs to setting up tests. If you’re unsure about how a new market could perform, there are multiple methods that allow you to test campaigns in new markets quickly with a much faster than ordinary set-up process:


If you’re looking to localize your app, check out the Developer Console Help Center for translation services.

These options don’t rely on keywords for their targeting, instead they use assets that you already have. Remember, they will require translated assets (namely your site, your app or your product feed), but they often have a much lower bar to entry than a standard text ad campaign build out.

If your automated tests show promise, then you might have found a new market. The automated options can continue to run, and if you want more control over your targeting and performance you can build out standard text ad campaigns to run alongside your automated ones.

Case Study

Founded in 2013 in Pakistan and Nigeria, Kaymu is an online shopping community with a focus on making shopping accessible to everyone. Across 32 countries and 10 languages, Kaymu combined Dynamic Search Ads with Target CPA to enter new markets. Kaymu estimated that Dynamic Search Ads allowed for a fourfold reduction in the time required to create, optimise and manage campaigns. Not only was management easier, performance was better: they experienced a 13% growth in conversions, a 35% increase in conversion rate and a 7% reduction in cost per acquisition.


Growing your business is about finding new customers. And there are a whole lot of new customers in countries where you’ve never advertised before. By understanding the opportunities and challenges of exporting your AdWords campaigns to new markets, you can create a strategy to expand your account and take your business worldwide.